Gain confidence speaking English in real situations

You may feel afraid or shy speaking with locals, so in this course we teach you how to overcome your fears and connect. Every day we teach you practical communication skills with lots of detailed feedback from your teacher, so you are more confidently prepared to manage and control real-life situations that challenge you. We give you opportunities to practise common, real-life communication using the appropriate language with English speakers in a variety of environments.


Course Features

  • Regular speaking practice in real situations
  • Learn how to speak like a native speaker
  • Highly interactive sociable classes
  • Strong speaking focus
  • Builds your confidence with native speakers
  • Builds intercultural communication skills
  • Experienced teachers giving detailed feedback
  • Improves pronunciation & fluency
  • Only available at ABILITY English
Survivor English at ABILITY English

Language Skills

Survivor English Language Skills Ability English




Course details

Study OptionsLengthStartCore ClassesExtra ClassesEntry Level
Day English5 or 10 weeksEvery 5 weeks
For dates see below
20 hours Mon to Thurs
8.30 to 14.30 or 9.00 to 15.00
3 hours Friday
9.00 to 12.15
Intermediate to Advanced

Course dates

09-Oct-17  ●  13-Nov-17  ●  02-Jan-18  ●  05-Feb-18  ●  12-Mar-18  ●  16-Apr-18  ●  21-May-18  ●  25-Jun-18  ●  30-Jul-18
●  03-Sep-18  ●  08-Oct-18  ●  12-Nov-18




Matt from South Korea tells us why he decided to learn to speak English and how our "Survivor" class has given him confidence to use his new language skills in everyday situations.

Fumiya from Japan, had a goal of speaking with more English native speakers. He chose to study ABILITY English’s new Survivor English course to improve his English speaking skills beyond the textbook.