Due to an unexpected water pipe bursting in the building basement on Monday 4 June, the building was flooded and needs to be inspected and repaired in the next few weeks.

ABILITY English has organised alternative locations for your classes from Tuesday 12 June 2018.

We ask all students and our partners to keep an eye on our Facebook page @abilityenglish for all new information. At any time if you are not sure about anything, please contact us at:

Melbourne_student@megt.com.au (FOR CURRENT STUDENTS ONLY)
info@ability.edu.au (ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES)

We appreciate your patience and support during this critical time.

Directions from ABILITY (55 Swanston Street) to UIT and Lyceum (131 Queen Street)


Directions from ABILITY (55 Swanston Street) to OZFORD and SMEAG (310 King Street)