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Speak English Day and Night

Every day we see how much faster our students improve their English when they are living with native speakers or with international friends. We offer a housing placement service if you want to speak English at your Australian home, and have fulltime staff at the college to help with any housing problems.


Independent Accommodation

  • Different housing options for different prices
  • Student housing: Housing designed especially for students, with internet, desk and study area
  • Backpackers: Housing designed especially for travellers - cheap, good locations, very social environment
  • Lodges/Guest houses: Independent accommodation within a big house - your own room, some cooking  facilities, like a home

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Homestay Accommodation

  • Stay with an English-speaking family
  • Learn about Australian culture
  • Monday to Friday: breakfast and dinner provided
  • Weekends: breakfast, lunch and dinner provided
  • All accommodation less than 50 minutes from ABILITY campus by public transport
  • Great option for younger students



Cost of Living in AUSTRALIA

We want to start helping you now in the same way we will when you arrive in Australia. This table shows monthly estimated costs of services and goods in Australia that you are likely to need. We hope this helps you with your study and travel planning.

The cost of living in Melbourne is cheaper than in Sydney, mostly due to the cost of housing.



Per Month AUD$
Share housing $413-1433
Utilities for a small apartment
(Electricity, heating, water)
Regular public transport pass $145
Internet (broadband, wifi) $74
Pre Paid Mobile $20-$50
Groceries $500

Per Item AUD$
Cheap Meal $14.50-$25
Coffee $3.80-$5
Beer $6-$10