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ABILITY English Study Plans

Academic Counselling from your first day

At ABILITY English our expert teachers and managers are continually assessing your personal goals and your progress. On the first day our Academic Manager will talk to you and learn about your goals and dreams. They will help you plan the best courses for you to study during your time at ABILITY so that you improve quickly and achieve what you want.



Tomoko wants to improve her conversation skills. She started as an Elementary student and her goal is to finish as an Upper Intermediate student as a confident speaker of English.


Min wants to study with an ABILITY English Higher Education pathway partner, so she wants to improve her academic English and critical thinking skills. She wants to make sure she is ready by the start date of her next course.


Andreas wants to improve his English quickly and return to Europe to get a great job in a multinational company. He wants to be well-prepared for all possible work situations in English, and wants his studies recognised by top companies worldwide.